My Island

My Island

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Beach, Ocean
Blue, Black, Brown, Gold, Green, Grey, Turquoise, White
Hut, Island, Sand, Tree, Water
On Water
"My Island"

Photographer: Mark Middleton
Location: Langkayan, Malaysia

One of Mark's favorite places on Earth. This perfect little tropical island can be walked entirely in under five minutes.  The ocean is teaming with fish, coral and amazing critters. In fact thousands of fish are in the shallow waters in this gorgeous panorama. The water is warm, calm and clear most of the time.  Located off the coast of Borneo, this idylic island is like paradise.  The visitors here are treated to all their meals, diving, and lodging and in exchange pay for the upkeep and education and advancement of nature conservation. We still hear fish bombing when we dive, we hope that ends in our lifetime!

Such a remote location, it takes two days of travel at minimum and a two hour boat ride with no land in sight to reach this tiny island of white powdery sand...

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